"Home game" for Oest Maschinenbau

As a technology leader, Oest Maschinenbau supplies cross-laminated-timber manufacturer all over the world with adhesive dosing and application equipment. Such a plant is now also being built just outside Freudenstadt, in neighboring Seewald-Besenfeld.

The entrepreneurial association HolzBauWerk Schwarzwald GmbH is building a new CLT plant here and is relying on adhesive technology from Oest.

At present, the production facilities are being set up and networked in the newly built HolzBauWerk production hall. The core of the Oest delivery is the KONTITOP 2Z surface glue application system with a movable bridge gantry, which accommodates the FACETAC FD glue application head. This allows the complete gluing of wood panels with a width of 3.6 m and a length of 16 m in only one pass. Furthermore, for the prefabrication of the individual cross-laminated timber layers, two finger joint gluing systems of the type KONTITOP 1Z with application head CONTAC VN were delivered, as well as a dosing system for the gluing of finger joints of the type HYDROTOP 1D150R with application head PROFITAC VN.

All four systems reflect the most modern and innovative adhesive application technology currently available.