For the environment


Environmentally friendly and gentle on resources for some product groups, we will use reconditioned drums in the same design but without the Oest lettering. These Reco-drums are especially conditioned and are therefore re-usable. Besides the advantages in costs of which our customers benefit, our Reco-drums are particularly environmentally friendly and gentle on resources. Possible smaller disfigurements at the drums are accepted on purpose. For the environment!

  • Gentle on resources and environmentally friendly
  • Each Reco-drums saves up to 120 kgs CO2
  • No derogation of the lubricant quality
  • Certified safety, reliability and functionality of the drums

Our new Reco-drums are marked with a sticker and are thereby immediately distinguishable.

Recycled cans

Sustainability and ecologic responsiblity are reflected in the complete value-added process at Oest and this up to the application of resource-friendly packaging. The lubricant cans of the new generation at Oest have a high percentage of recycled material. With research and development, the cans are steadily optimised. Besides the maximum safety, functionality and application friendliness, the new cans contribute an important part to reduce the CO2-footprint and they support the sustainable recovered substance cycle. The recycled plastic material may be found in many of the 1-, 5- and 20 litre cans of Oest. Additionally, to the well-functioning  multi-cycle system for reco-drums and IBC-containers another important innovation regarding resource-friendly product optimisation and logistic.

200 L and 60 L drums

Not only the lubricants but also the logistics and the product design is steadily improved at Oest. Our sales partners also benefit from the change to new 200 liter and 60 liter drums with Oest branding for numerous product groups.

  • A modern design represents high quality standards
  • A high recognition value increases the publicity and image
  • A stronger market presence to the final customer
  • A high identification with the product
  • An immediate visible and high degree of transparency towards the manufacturer