Private Label

Individual contract manufacturing of lubricants

Our exceptional level of expertise and our policy of supplying a sustainable and market-oriented range of products make Oest the right choice for tailored contract manufacturing solutions.

The Oest service package starts with resource-saving, environmentally-friendly warehouse logistics, and ranges from a huge variety of containers and labels to automated fill and seal technology and customer-specific delivery. 

This also includes neutral, Europe-wide transport to the end customer, if required – safely and reliably. In addition to manufacturing on behalf of customers, we also fill customer-supplied fuels and lubricants under contract in accordance with individual container and labelling specifications.

Our Services

Automated Filling

  • Fully-automated filling of everything from low-viscosity to paste-like media
  • Automatic sealing technology for all commercially available closures, such as screw closures, press-in closures, dispensing pump closures, dropper closures and trigger closures
  • All relevant manufacturer-specific product approvals for the automotive sector have been obtained
Various Containers and Labels

  • Wide range of plastic, glass and sheet metal containers
  • Container dimensions from 10 ml to 1,000 litres
  • All kinds of labels can be processed with different type, format and colour
Logistics Expertise

  • Modern high rack warehouse and in-house vehicle fleet
  • Experienced and competent full-range supplier
  • Neutral delivery direct to the end customer on behalf of our customers
  • Europe-wide distribution – safe, reliable and on time

Oest Fluid System

Reduced costs, greater reliability: Comprehensive solutions from a single source

Oest develops high-performance, state-of-the-art products with added value in the form of competent service and efficient services, to achieve maximum lubricant life, reliable processes and maximum savings.

We use the Oest Fluid System to provide you with customised cost reduction solutions. We provide advice and consultation on all aspects of lubrication, analyse the current situation and develop a solution tailored to your needs.

Our Services


Advice, support and service on all aspects of lubrication

  • On-site coolant analysis in according with TRGS 611
  • Laboratory analyses with specified extended scope
  • On-site data acquisition using bar code system
  • Documentation in table format with trend analysis and graphical evaluation
  • Online data access, if required
  • Specification and implementation of control measures
  • Regular routine analysis of machine oils to determine suitability for continued use
  • Determination of the severity of contamination
  • Definition of appropriate measures to extend service life
Cooling-lubricant Management

Accurate analysis of actual conditions and specification of an optimal solution

  • Full monitoring service
  • Stock control of all required media, including order initiation and restocking
  • Implementation of all required control measures
  • Cooling-lubricant maintenance with suitable equipment
  • Fill level control and machine top-up, including concentration adjustment
  • Cooling-lubricant change, including machine cleaning 
  • Mixing water conditioning (softening and hardening), if required 
  • Preparation of required operating instructions
Total Fluid Management

Full service or single service modules

  • Complete cooling-lubricant management 
  • Full inventory and warehouse management 
  • Control and top-up of all machine lubricants 
  • Preparation of maintenance and servicing schedules 
  • Specification of internal factory standards
  • Oil grade optimisation 
  • Cleaning of machines and halls 
  • Chip removal
  • Transport of spent media to the on-site disposal point 
  • Development and implementation of skin protection measures 
  • Employee training on all aspects of handling lubricants

Contact Person

Kerstin Herrmann
Lubricants Export

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