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The AVIA Group was founded in Switzerland in 1927. It brings together medium-sized mineral oil companies under the common AVIA brand. Oest Tankstellen GmbH & Co. KG is a founding shareholder of the German AVIA and operates over 100 service stations in southern Germany. More than 800 service stations are operated under the AVIA flag in Germany and more than 3100 stations in Europe.

Oest has already very successfully implemented several measures to reduce CO2-emissions and continues to consistently pursue the goal of operating its AVIA stations in a climate-neutral manner in the near future. Important building blocks here, in addition to the expansion of high-performance e-charging stations, are climate-friendly fuels such as R33 Blue Diesel, HVO, GTL and also CO2-neutral fuels through compensatory investments in certified environmental protection projects. In addition, Oest's bistro and store concepts are also subject to high standards of sustainability, regionality and resource-saving measures, such as the introduction of the Recup & Rebowl reusable system to avoid single-use waste.

Filling Stations

Future Forum Petrol Station

The 9th UNITI Future Forum Petrol Station in Berlin focused on current trends and innovations in the world of petrol stations for two days.

Filling Stations

Sustainable support for "Blooming Nature Park" project

Oest Tankstellen GmbH & Co. KG has been a partner of the Black Forest Nature Park Central/North since 2021 and supports the "Blooming Nature Park"…

Filling Stations

Company of the Year

In the company contest of Focus Money magazine, AVIA was named "Company of the Year" in the area of customer satisfaction.

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